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Thank you for supporting women everywhere!

When you support Designs by Abike, you're not supporting some major corporation. You're supporting women everywhere. You're empowering us and helping us reach goals and heights we thought were only possible in our minds. 

Because of your support, Designs by Abike now employs tailors in Ghana, and Nigeria. This is in addition to the garments Abike makes herself here in the United States. 

We thank you. We are grateful to you. And we are here to serve!


How it all started.

We like to think of the story of Designs by Abike Oyedele as the manifestation of a seed.

As the daughter of a successful entrepreneur, Abike knew from a young age that she was meant to own her own business. Like most entrepreneurs, she didn't exactly know what that business would be or how it would all come to fruition. 

In May of 2010, Abike lost her daughter at four weeks old. She went on to experience 8 more losses before finally giving birth to a healthy child. This challenging time rendered her unable to keep a job. She started making clutches and bags and teaching herself to sew. In December 2012, she opened up her Etsy shop and started selling her items, beginning her path to entrepreneurship. 

With three children and a full-time job, her dream of running her business full time started to go on the back burner. In October of 2019, her family moved to Charlotte, NC. At this time, she decided she no longer wants to pursue a career in corporate America. Instead, she decided to focus completely on her passion and calling: Designs by Abike Oyedele.


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