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Management Team

Abike Oyedele: Owner, Designer, Creator

Abike is the founder and visionary. Abike is also one of the tailors. She is based in Charlotte, NC. Among many other things, she's responsible for Design selection, Customer experience, Site maintenance, Fabric selection, Social Media Maintenance, Inventory, and Quality Control. 

Oyebola: Manager

Bola is our Manager in Nigeria. She wears many hats and she's one of the main reason why our operation in Nigeria run as well as it does. She oversees the operations and logistics to ensure that the tailors have everything they need to be successful. She also coordinates fabrics selections among other things. 

Bolatito: Assistant Manager

Bolatito is the Assistant manager. She's also an essential part of our team in Nigeria. Among many other things, she's responsible for quality control and supports Bola in ensuring that our facility in Nigeria runs smoothly. 

Our Tailors: 

  • Tayo is one of our tailors in Nigeria & she's best known for her great attention to detail. She's a part of our Ready to Wear team. 
  • Sola is also one of our tailors and she also hails from Lagos, Nigeria. She's great at making tailor-made garments and she currently works on our Ready to Wear team. 
  • Ám̀ma hails from Ghana and she's also one of the tailors at Abike Oyedele.​She's also a wife & mom and she loves creating both at the sewing machine and in the kitchen. Custom order requests are usually fulfilled by Ám̀ma.
  • Ronke was born in Nigeria but currently resides in Ghana. She's a wife & mom and is ecstatic at the opportunity to create her own revenue stream to support her family.


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