Covid, GO AWAY!

This time last year, who would have thought masks would be a new accessory that we must all wear? This year has definitely been one for the books but through it all, I am grateful for health. Even though things might not be the way we want them to be right now, we must still take the time to find something to be grateful for. 

I know for some, the financial impact is very real. For others, the struggle is finding something to do with the kids at home. While others are struggling with what to do about school. The impact of this virus affects us all in different ways. 

I urge you to be kind and to lend a hand where you can to make someone's life or situation better. I plead with you to resist the urge to judge the person who chose to wear a mask or the ones who chose not to. To avoid judging those who are desperate to get their kids back to school and those who are fighting to make sure their kids can stay home. We are all in this together and the needs of each family vary. Remember that what's a "good" idea for your family might not be what's "good" for another family. 

I'm praying for us all. I pray that God will meet us all at the very point of our needs. 

How are you doing? How has this impact you? 

Love and light, 


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